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Poetry and Prose on the Prairie: A Nature Journal of Prophetstown State Park

“What about this land made it so enticing for so many willing to fight for it?” AVAILABLE: Currently available from Amazon in paperback. PUBLISHER: Glendale Press SYNOPSIS: At the confluence of the Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers, Prophetstown certainly offered access to waterways. But it also boasted a diverse landscape of edible and medicinal plants, as well as […] Read more

My Year in Words

“My Year in Words is significant because I paid attention, I kept track, and I wrote it down. What are you missing by not doing these things?” AVAILABLE: Currently available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. AUTHORS: Charity Singleton Craig PUBLISHER: Glendale Press SYNOPSIS: One word a week for one year; one life changed forever. This memoir walks […] Read more