A Room of One’s Own

After puttering around with this blog and my website for about a month, I finally got enough nerve to actually tell a few people these places exist and that they’re mine — kind of like a housewarming party, except I realize that just because it’s called a “home” page doesn’t actually mean I live there. […] Read more

Wide Open Spaces

Today, I received a notice from the managers of my apartment complex, along with all the other residents, that informed me that the actual outdoor space over which I have dominion is much smaller than I imagined. I have lived here for about 14 months, and last Spring and Summer, I enjoyed doing some gardening […] Read more

Many words . . .

Well, today I have published my first website. It’s one of the relatively few things I have published as a writer; I’m not sure I want to do many other publishing projects myself! It’s really interesting to think about all the words (characters and symbols loaded with meaning) that are floating in cyberspace. Not really […] Read more

A start . . .

This is my first experience being on the web — feels bigger than I imagined. I’m usually a person who has much to say about everything, but surprisingly, now that a blank screen is available and an orange “Publish Post” button below will send whatever message I have out into the world, I can’t think […] Read more