A Change of Heart

If our faith has changed so far, who’s to say it won’t change again?

Our four-week series, A Change of Heart, will explore all the ways that what we believe changes, grows, and varies over the years. I want us to move beyond regret but also pride, or the sense that we’ve finally arrived, not only so we can deal more kindly with ourselves, but also so we can be people who accept that others are on the same journey.

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  • Remaining Humble and Open

    The best way to remain humble and open is to take the stand you feel best demonstrates your love for God and others. Read more

  • Taking a Stand

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t believe in things. But know this: the stand you take today might not be the one you’ll wish you’d taken 20 years from now. Read more

  • Making a Biblical Inquiry

    We go to the Bible looking for something, and we can come away with principles and wisdom that the Holy Spirit can use to help shape our beliefs. Read more

  • Letter to Me

    It’s not always easy to face who we’ve become, especially if it’s so different than what we had planned. Read more