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Need help or inspiration for your writing life? The following resources have been crafted with you in mind to help you invest in the writer you want to be. Also, be sure to check the events page where I’ll list any workshops, conferences, and other events for writers that I’m leading or speaking at.



5 Reasons to Write a Letter

Recently, I received a letter in the mail from a friend. She and I haven’t gotten together in person for several months, but a few weeks ago, I was thinking about her and decided to write her a letter. She wrote one back. Now it’s my turn again. In the meantime, she’s been getting my […] Read more

Found Words: We Struggle

Today, I am starting a new feature where I call back to you some of the words you have chosen this week, words that capture what’s going on in your life and provide a framework for moving ahead. True, these are someone else’s words for the week. But when I put them together, I find […] Read more