In these prayers, we are asking God to change the trajectory of the virus, and in the meantime, to change us. This collection, compiled and edited by Darcy Wiley, features 30 prayers by 20 different writers and ministry leaders. Written for the daily realities of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, #pandemicprayerbook will give you….

  • words to speak over this crisis when you don’t know how to pray.

  • a healthy way to enter into communal suffering and connect with God.

  • a stay-at-home way to support various people affected by this crisis.

  • a way to recenter when you’re over-saturated with the daily news.

  • a memento of God’s work in your heart at this historic moment.

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In this collection, you’ll find prayers from writers and ministry leaders who…

  • have a loved one who has recovered from a dangerous case of COVID-19.
  • have a parent working in a hospital or living in a nursing home.
  • have experienced the sting of anti-Asian racism.
  • are raising nonprofit funds in a stalled economy.
  • are serving people who they are now unable to interact with face-to-face.
  • have cared for first responders and families of critically ill patients.


  • Bless Those Who Feed Us: A Prayer For Farmworkers, Delivery Drivers, Grocery Clerks, and Restaurant Workers – Sarah Quezada
  • Provision in the Pause: A Prayer for Businesses and Furloughed Workers – Thresette Briggs
  • At Our New Small Desks: A Prayer For Those Working From Home, Maybe For The First Time – Charity Singleton Craig
  • Inspiration Is Not Cancelled: A Prayer for Creatives – Tammy Perlmutter
  • New Lessons: A Prayer for Teachers  – Amber Robinson
  • Standing in the Gap: A Prayer for Parents & K-12 E-learners – Darcy Wiley
  • Dreams and Dissonance: A Prayer for University Students – Prasanta Verma
  • Hope Deferred: A Prayer for Those Dealing with Postponed Events – Jacquie Reed
  • Every Anxious Thought: A Prayer For Those Struggling With Mental Health – Nichole Woo
  • How Long O Lord: A Prayer for the Lonely – Aaron Robinson
  • At Home with You: A Prayer For Those Staying at Home When Home Isn’t Safe – Emanuel David
  • Bless and Protect This Sacred Covenant: A Prayer for Marriages – Dorothy Littell Greco
  • With the Comfort We’ve Received: A Prayer for Chaplains – Nilwona Nowlin
  • Your Church Is Your People: A LIturgy for Local Church Staff – Lindsay Dudeck
  • In Your Sight, In Your Hands: A Prayer For Those Who Serve In Nonprofits  – Adam J. Nevins
  • We Are Not a Virus: A Prayer for Asians in America – Brian Flora
  • Let Disparity Be A Thing Of History: A Prayer For African-American Healthcare – Darcy Wiley
  • Those Who Wait In Danger: A Prayer For Detainees And People In Migrant Camps At The Border – Sarah Quezada
  • Heal Our Lands: A Prayer for Recovery in Coronavirus Hotspots Around the Globe – Rebecca Colucci