The Art of the Essay: From Ordinary Life to Extraordinary Words

“For those of us who still want to write as a person, the time is now.”

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PUBLISHERT.S. Poetry Press . . . Masters of Fine Living Series

SYNOPSIS: What kind of writer are *you*? asks Charity Singleton Craig, as she opens you to a journey of discovery about the art of essay writing that explores both practical and reason-for-writing concerns.

From a near hummingbird disaster to a secret foray into hilarity, you’ll find yourself inspired alongside the author— to reimagine the simple stuff of your life as a starting point for thoughtful, sometimes amusing, always voice-infused writing that’s your very own … as well as being a true gift to the world.

A great title for personal writing journeys, classrooms, and writers groups.

REVIEW: “This is a narrative that’s written to me as a writer from a writer who loves what she does and wants other writers to love what they do. She knows that many times you are writing for an audience of one, yourself, and you do it because you love the rhythm, flow, and beauty of arranging words. And you do it because you simply need to do it. That understanding alone is worth a dozen or more of most writing books.” – Glynn Young, author of Poetry at Work and The Dancing Priest series

“This book has inspired me anew in my own writing.” – Sandra Heska King