My Word of the Week: Transitions

Give me a task to do, and chances are I’ll come up with a bigger, more complicated process than you ever thought possible. I’m good at thinking of each step from start to finish; I like to plan how each step leads to another. I like flowcharts and spreadsheets; I like workflows and timelines. I can get lost for hours coming up with a system to make things happen. Read more

Found Words: Begin Again

It’s back-to-school week in our community. And from the pictures on Facebook of squeaky clean kids wearing new clothes and backpacks stuffed to the brim, I’d say it’s back-to-school time in a lot of places. So much of the rhythm of our lives, whether we have children or not, depends on the last days of […] Read more


I drove through Chicago during rush hour and across miles and miles of nowhere watching the corn grow to get there. I brought my own bed and food and drinks, and I carried cash in greeting cards from other relatives. I had a dress dry-cleaned that I didn’t even wear, and I sat on an […] Read more