Blessing and Cursing: About Our Tongues

Last weekend, I was in the upstairs bathroom getting myself ready for the day when I heard one of the boys yelling from his room. He didn’t know I was listening. “I got five kills, two knife kills, in like three seconds,” he shouted to his brother, who was audibly impressed with the rundown. As […] Read more


On Tuesday, I flipped the calendar to a new month. October. The leaves have turned ever so slightly in these first few days, though the bulk of that work can be credited to September. It is only the fourth, afterall. But as the vibrant colors of fall prepare to overwhelm us, even the most optimistic […] Read more

Let the Good Times Roll

Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly panicked. I couldn’t remember if I had been dreaming, and there wasn’t any thunder rolling outside. I checked my cell phone. No texts or missed calls. Yet a sense of dread hung heavy over me. I fluffed the pillow, and as I turned over […] Read more