A Little More News

Yesterday, I met with the oncologist who will be performing my surgery on June 30. I learned that he will be making as small of an incision as possible, from his hand signals probably 4-6 inches, and part of that will be over my scar from last fall. Hopefully the recovery from this surgery will […] Read more

The Plan

I received the results back from my PET scan today, and though it did confirm that the one enlarged lymph node is cancer, thankfully, it also confirmed that the cancer has not spread any further. There is one other suspicious lymph node, but it was not enlarged and not definitively malignant. At this point, the […] Read more

A New Normal

I have finished my last chemotherapy treatment, and I am very happy to be done. More quickly than I had imagined possible, I am feeling better. The nausea is nearly gone, and I am gaining energy each day. Finishing cancer treatment has been a big milestone, but now that I am finished, I have found […] Read more

Another Round

Today, I am back in the hospital for my fifth round of chemotherapy. This is the next to the last treatment I’ll have, and when the doctor confirmed that this morning, I rejoiced. I even did a soft scream, fists in the air, just after he walked out of the door. One has to maintain […] Read more

Common to Man

This past weekend, my Sunday School class was making a list of God’s promises to us. We brought up the indwelling of God’s Spirit, our individual gifts given by the Spirit, all things working for good, and many others. How good it felt to remember God’s faithfulness to do what he said. The one that […] Read more

Bottomed Out

Christmas was a wonderful time for me to spend with family this year, and having just had my third chemotherapy treatment, I felt remarkably well enough to enjoy much of the usual fare: gift exchanges, holiday treats, and Christmas movies. For as well as I felt over the weekend, I have increasingly become more and […] Read more

Good News

Today, I received good news. The cancer antigen in my blood that is being tracked after each chemo came back already in the “normal” range after just two treatments and all of my radiation. I have been rejoicing all day. My levels were above 400 after my initial surgery to remove the tumors (they didn’t […] Read more

Getting the Treatment

Today, I head back to the hospital for a three-day stay to receive my second round of chemotherapy. After the first round and the rather harsh side effects, my doctors have been thoughtfully reevaluating and have a different system for administering the drugs. A better treatment plan, they hope. In the meantime, I have been […] Read more