My Word of the Week: Beginner

On Saturday, I finally took the growing collection of bags and boxes to Goodwill, reorganized the things we planned to keep, and cleared a space where I could set up a card table and chair as a work station for myself. Then, I pulled out my mom’s old sewing machine — the one she gave me last fall and had been ignoring since — and set to work learning to sew. Read more

A Rainy Drought

I have a white board full of ideas that I should be writing about. I’ve got verbal confirmation from a couple of different editors who are looking for essays from me; I’ve got a blog that’s just been in limbo, mostly empty. And I’ve been sitting here nearly an hour. I’ve written a couple of […] Read more

Putting Together the Pieces

On the day after Christmas, my mom and I trekked to one of the local department stores for the deep discounts on holiday items like wrapping paper and greeting cards. As we maneuvered our cart through the aisles crowded with other bargain hunters, I spotted a selection of boxed jigsaw puzzles, their prices also marked […] Read more

Just My Imagination

Sunday night as I was gathering with friends, their two-year-old son was arranging and rearranging coasters on the coffee table. “Mickey Mouse,” he said. Were I talking to him on the phone, I would never have understood. But when I looked down, sure enough, the coasters looked like Walt’s favorite rodent, plain as day. “Good […] Read more