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No Limits; No Good

Without thinking too much about it, I press my finger against the glass face of my iPhone and hold it. Eventually, as I expected, the icons on my screen begin to dance and wiggle. I touch the X on the corner of three apps, and just like that, Angry Birds and the two Bubble games […] Read more

Keeping Things Loose

I thought it would be a simple project. After weeks of price comparisons and shopping around, I finally decided on a new patio table from Target. The display set was simple and quaint and exactly what I wanted. Not to mention fully assembled. When I found the giant box that contained all the pieces of […] Read more

Ambitious Enough

At some point in the last year or so, I stopped writing at the desk in my studio. The move to the couch or the kitchen table was certainly a matter of convenience in the beginning. My sisters have each stayed with me for a period of 12 weeks, and each of them occupied the […] Read more

Putting Together the Pieces

On the day after Christmas, my mom and I trekked to one of the local department stores for the deep discounts on holiday items like wrapping paper and greeting cards. As we maneuvered our cart through the aisles crowded with other bargain hunters, I spotted a selection of boxed jigsaw puzzles, their prices also marked […] Read more

Week 4, Day 3: Do

 Wake Feed Brush Medicate Eat Analyze Enter Suggest Research Give Fume Drive Talk Wrap Play Listen Sing Write Party! Receive Bless Hope Read Think Pray Sleep :: Now, your turn. Read: Mary Joy Pershing’s The Yes that Changed Everything Anna Blanch’s Ambivalent Anticipation Faith Squared’s Virtual Advent Calendar Katie Sciba’s The Dark Side Photo by […] Read more

God on the Line

“I’ve got a story to tell you,” Dad said over the phone today. I love to hear his stories. First, he told me about the work he had been doing on the new rental house he bought and about the pilot light on the water heater that wouldn’t light. Then he mentioned the calls he […] Read more