Among the Living

Despite my absence here, I am still among the living. My trip to East Asia was thrilling and fascinating and difficult and overwhelming, all at once. I became ill while I was there (upper respiratory — most likely from the LONG plane trip there), and though it cost me only one day in bed during […] Read more

Wounded Hand

The goal: a lawn free of dandelions. The tools: a trowel and bucket. The schedule: a little each day. This has been my anti-dandelion plan over the past several days. And today, if you drove past my house and peeked into my yard, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single dandelion. But even as I […] Read more

Dandelion Whine

Dandelions have become a great source of consternation for me over the past few weeks. As I am adapting to my first Spring as a home owner, dandelions in my yard mean more frequent mowing, more rigorous hoeing in the flower beds as the dandelions sneak through the mulch, and more serious deliberation as I […] Read more