Back to the Future

We were reading our family devotional one evening during dinner, and the passage that night was Romans 8:38-39. The message was for the boys; it’s the cool, boys’ devotional book I picked out for them a few months ago, after all, and more often than not, the night’s topic fits perfectly with a situation our […] Read more

The Other Side

She left this comment on my post about living and planning and hoping after years of fighting cancer: Tried to make plans, but my husband’s cancer didn’t allow it. Prayed, others prayed, he died. Don’t understand it. And I don’t understand it either, why sometimes we pray and hope and plan and the cancer just […] Read more

Radiation: Day 17

I walk into the radiation waiting room, and there are more people than usual for this time of day. A young man sits by himself, looking more like a family member than a cancer patient. A man and a woman sit together talking, though apparently they are not a couple. An older man and woman, […] Read more

Living With Cancer

Over the past few weeks, it seems like everyone is dying of cancer. Two beloved members of my church have passed away. Former White House press secretary Tony Snow tied two weeks ago of colon cancer; Last Lecture professor Randy Pausch died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. I know it sounds paranoid and unreasonable, but when […] Read more

L’Chaim — To Life!

I’ve been trying to put together this post for the past week, sitting down to write here and there. And for various reasons, it just hasn’t come together. Today, I am determined to post. What I’ve been trying to put together in words is the great tension I have been feeling between the elation of […] Read more

A New Normal

I have finished my last chemotherapy treatment, and I am very happy to be done. More quickly than I had imagined possible, I am feeling better. The nausea is nearly gone, and I am gaining energy each day. Finishing cancer treatment has been a big milestone, but now that I am finished, I have found […] Read more


One of the inevitable side effects of chemotherapy is losing my hair. I have been surprised how difficult the prospect of this has been. I guess I never realized how closely connected I see my physical appearance with who I really am. Losing my hair seems a little like losing part of who I am. […] Read more