All Grown Up

She didn’t know much about the world back then, the 10-year-old girl whose parents had split and whose world had turned upside down. It was 1981, and the fear of Iranians and oil shortages was still palpable. But the bigger fear was a family dividing. A couple of years before, Rhonda, on the playground, had […] Read more

A Plan and a Future

It started with a decision — I will celebrate Advent again this year by reflecting and writing each day. And then some good news — no sign of cancer right now. Relief. And then another decision: I will paint pictures on canvas for friends and family. Then, there was the holiday decorating, the baking, the […] Read more

Ancestral Visits

Tuesday, I went to bed with a sense of dread in my belly. Literally, I was having abdominal pain, and the thought crossed my mind that there might be a new tumor growing there. I also was experiencing painful sores in my mouth from the chemotherapy, and my energy level had been very low. I […] Read more