Surprised by Spring

I’ve watched the red squirrels and the black lab dance through the narrow flower beds over the past several weeks, convinced that every round paw print, every hole dug with tiny little squirrel feet, was driving my broccoli and lettuce and kale and pea and spinach seeds further away from the possibility of sprouting. The […] Read more

The Last Hopeless Day

If Thursday was the last normal day, then Saturday is the last hopeless day. The disciples watched their teacher executed at the hands of the Romans, the Jewish leaders nodding their approval a clean distance away. His followers had forsaken him in his last hour, and they surely feared for their own lives, as well. […] Read more

Some Week

If you had only one week left to live, how would you spend it? This classic ice breaker question usually is intended to elicit dreams of vacations or altruistic aspirations. I’ve used it to hone in on my priorities – if I only had a week left to live, would I spend it doing ______ […] Read more