My Word of the Week: Strings

On Sunday during the Bible study I lead at church, we were talking about grace. First, we defined grace in our own words, and most of us came up with some version of “a gift from God we don’t deserve.” When I asked the group why people have a hard time receiving grace, we all agreed that generally people are suspicious of free gifts and would rather just know what they owed so they could pay back their debt. Read more

About Those Boxes …

A few weeks ago when I wrote about boxes and my plan to experiment with the size and shape of my life and work in the new year, I had no idea that my husband would injure his knee playing basketball with the boys a few days after Christmas. I didn’t know that we would come home from an extremely relaxing anniversary trip … Read more

Week 2, Day 2: Now What?

At holiday parties over the weekend, I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Even as we were catching up, talking about work and family and church activities, I knew the dreaded question would come. It’s always well-meaning, and it always makes me feel cared for. But my answer never satisfies anyone. Including […] Read more