My Word of the Week: Crack

I felt the earth crack a little wider this weekend when news of the bombings and gunfire in Paris began to circulate on my Facebook feed. Just the day before Lebanon was shaken with two suicide bombs, the US was conducting airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, and a drone supposedly killed Jihadi John, the man seen in so many of the beheading videos. Read more

Following My Dad

I was following my dad on my younger brother’s four-wheeler; my dad was on his own all-terrain vehicle. The tall grass and thick woods covering the rolling hills and surrounding the small pond and narrow creek provided the perfect course for cornering, jumps, and spin outs. My dad, along with my sisters, and brother and […] Read more

Let the Good Times Roll

Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly panicked. I couldn’t remember if I had been dreaming, and there wasn’t any thunder rolling outside. I checked my cell phone. No texts or missed calls. Yet a sense of dread hung heavy over me. I fluffed the pillow, and as I turned over […] Read more

The Other Side

She left this comment on my post about living and planning and hoping after years of fighting cancer: Tried to make plans, but my husband’s cancer didn’t allow it. Prayed, others prayed, he died. Don’t understand it. And I don’t understand it either, why sometimes we pray and hope and plan and the cancer just […] Read more