At the Table

I open the double-layered, wax-coated paper to reveal the slightly frozen chunks of bright red beef, each piece clinging to the others like magnets. Two pounds of the meat gleams from the white paper on the counter as the olive oil heats on the stove next to me. Because my step sons love it, I […] Read more

Food Values

When my younger sister, Sierra, moved in with me a few weeks ago while she does an internship in my city, she brought all of the usual things with her. Clothes, toiletries, books, slippers.  But we laughed about all of the preservatives she also brought with her. I shop at farmers’ markets and have organic […] Read more

Despondent Foodie

For the past few weeks, food just hasn’t interested me as much as usual. For most people, eating is just a requirement for living; there’s not much to be interested in anyway. But as I have explained here before, food is a passion for me. And when I don’t feel excited about food, I usually […] Read more

More than a Meal

Today, I did what very few of us modern Americans ever have to do anymore. I thought six months ahead about what I will be eating by writing out a check to Balanced Harvest Farms as part of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group. Being part of a CSA for the first time last year […] Read more


I love food. Not just for consuming, though. I love everything about food. I love to read about food, shop for food, study food, grow food, talk about food, cook food, even give food as gifts. Some people might even call me a “foodie.” Most Saturdays year round I find myself at a farmers’ market, […] Read more