Best Step-Mom Ever

“I have an idea,” I said to my oldest and youngest step-sons. We were all sitting in the bleachers with my husband and father-in-law watching our middle son play baseball. Well, we were at least sitting in the bleachers at the game. Watching was optional. My two boys were each finishing up their nachos, trying […] Read more

At the Table

I open the double-layered, wax-coated paper to reveal the slightly frozen chunks of bright red beef, each piece clinging to the others like magnets. Two pounds of the meat gleams from the white paper on the counter as the olive oil heats on the stove next to me. Because my step sons love it, I […] Read more

Food on Friday: Transferrance

For most of the past 10 years, it has been my goal to get up early in the morning and write. Though I’m not a natural morning person — hopping out of bed before the alarm singing zippity-do-da — I do find that I do my best writing in the morning once I’m up and going. And it only takes about 15 minutes for me to wake up. Read more

Finding My Way

I was supposed to be doing the vacuuming and laundry and dishes–the normal cleaning that makes the house livable. And the house needed a good cleaning. It had been a busy week. But though I don’t even remember opening the cabinets or walking into the pantry area, the next thing I knew, I was taking […] Read more

There and Back Again: Food

My mouth started watering as I walked around the “Big Food” showing at the Watts Fine Art Gallery in Zionsville. I had received an announcement about the paintings of giant pieces of pie and enormous bowls of Fruit Loops, and the pictures on the gallery website had been intriguing. But I never imagined a painting […] Read more