Eye to Eye

I sat in the airport food court staring down at a paper plate of fried rice with vegetables and a meatless eggroll. I had eaten dinner once already, but it consisted of just salad and soup. And that was almost four hours ago. When I checked the Arrival board and realized I had a few […] Read more

Family Friends

“I hope you like it,” I told my brother as I went to the back room to get his birthday gift. “Because I’m trying to force something on you.” “It’s probably something Republican,” I heard our younger sister say as I walked to the spare bedroom of my dad’s house. Forcing politics on him was […] Read more

Radiation: Day 11

I am tired. I was laying on the table this afternoon as the radiation technicians tried to get my position confirmed. They were taking longer than usual, and since I was so tired, I closed my eyes. As I felt myself near dozing, I imagined what would happen to my arms if I fell asleep. […] Read more

Week 1, Day 4: Brokenness

My job has taken me to Atlanta, Georgia, for the day. So I will be on planes, trains, and automobiles throughout the day, intermittently eating, making presentations, and enjoying time with clients. In my absence, please visit Ann Kroeker for some beautiful thoughts about the brokenness of Advent. Also, here are a couple of other […] Read more

425 of My Closest Friends

Today, I have 425 friends on Facebook. I’m not bragging. Believe me, 425 friends on Facebook is like joining the Latin club in high school. I’m barely making it, social media-wise.  My very cool 20-something sisters, for instance, have 763 and 969. Not that I checked. I remember very early on in my Facebook existence […] Read more