good news

Good News

I just received the news this morning that my most recent CA125 blood test came back at 9 — it hasn’t moved in the last three months and is in the bottom half of the normal range. Praise God! It was an anxiety-ridden few days before the test, but I am thankful to the Lord […] Read more

Pressing Forward

After many prayers, conversations, appointments, and tears, the Lord is beginning to ease my anxiety somewhat. Mostly, He has done this through His word, His truth. And I am beginning to embrace the uncertainty of my life as a gift from Him again. A gift he gives us to refine our faith and cause us […] Read more

Sneak Peak

I read my last post and see the irony that I was worried about too much good news — that I might lose my perspective and forget that we live in a fallen world. It’s ironic now because this past week has been very hard. I’ve been weak and achy. Some days I didn’t get […] Read more

Good News

Today, I received good news. The cancer antigen in my blood that is being tracked after each chemo came back already in the “normal” range after just two treatments and all of my radiation. I have been rejoicing all day. My levels were above 400 after my initial surgery to remove the tumors (they didn’t […] Read more