Ashes to Ashes

Yesterday, I received a voicemail message I had been dreading. “Ms. Singleton, I wanted to say, again, how sorry I am and to express my sympathy at the loss of Precious. I also wanted to remind you that you requested a private cremation and we have her ashes here for you to pick up.” I […] Read more

New Normal

There’s a sticky spot on my kitchen floor that grabs at my socks every time I walk over it. I think I spilled pineapple juice there last night, and though I tried to clean it up, it’s obvious I didn’t do a very good job. I haven’t had to clean up many spills like that […] Read more

Puppy Love

Six and a half years ago, Precious came to live with me. She is a black Labrador Retriever that my brother and his family rescued from a shelter. After a year of being part of their family, a cross-country move made it impossible for them to keep her, so she came to live with me. […] Read more