growing in grace


I like it when things are growing in my house. Well, I don’t like all of the things that grow in my house: mold on the cheese, spiders in the corner, frost on the windows. But there are other things that grow, like house plants on the shelf or the bacteria in the compost bucket, […] Read more

The Wilderness Excuse

Just a couple of days ago, I waxed eloquently about the mercy we can find in the wilderness when we find ourselves failing to meet the religious standards we set for ourselves. I talked about Jesus picking grain on the Sabbath, and I confessed how I’ve been talking on the phone while I drive back […] Read more

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I felt good when I woke up, and had the energy to spend the day like any old Saturday. I cooked, I cleaned, I payed the bills. My dad was here to help with some house projects, and we went to the farmers’ market. Just before he left, we put […] Read more