My Word of the Week: Count

My Word of the Week: Count

It’s always about this time every year that I grow wholly grateful for life in ways I wish would stick with me through the year. October is my birth month—a birth so many moons ago I begin to lose track. But October also is my death month. At least that’s the story I thought I was living nine years ago.

A New Normal

I have finished my last chemotherapy treatment, and I am very happy to be done. More quickly than I had imagined possible, I am feeling better. The nausea is nearly gone, and I am gaining energy each day.Finishing cancer treatment has been a big milestone, but now...

The Thaw

This morning, I woke up to a cold bedroom again, and my spirit felt deflated. How could Spring have teased us so? I even complained a bit to the Lord, thinking through the metaphor of the Spring thaw as it related to my heart during the Lenten Season. With the return...