spiritual lessons

Week 1, Day 4: Real

On a cool November evening, I walked up to my friends’ house, just a couple of minutes late for dinner because of the rush hour traffic. They had invited a couple of us to share some leftovers, and I was hungry. As I approached the door, I noticed the beautiful potted flowers sitting on their […] Read more

There and Back Again: Food

My mouth started watering as I walked around the “Big Food” showing at the Watts Fine Art Gallery in Zionsville. I had received an announcement about the paintings of giant pieces of pie and enormous bowls of Fruit Loops, and the pictures on the gallery website had been intriguing. But I never imagined a painting […] Read more

Just My Imagination

Sunday night as I was gathering with friends, their two-year-old son was arranging and rearranging coasters on the coffee table. “Mickey Mouse,” he said. Were I talking to him on the phone, I would never have understood. But when I looked down, sure enough, the coasters looked like Walt’s favorite rodent, plain as day. “Good […] Read more