Surprised by Spring

I’ve watched the red squirrels and the black lab dance through the narrow flower beds over the past several weeks, convinced that every round paw print, every hole dug with tiny little squirrel feet, was driving my broccoli and lettuce and kale and pea and spinach seeds further away from the possibility of sprouting. The […] Read more

Nothing but Snow

We just couldn’t resist writing about it and snapping pictures of it and mentioning it in every Facebook status and Tweet we posted all week. It was the only thing on our minds these last few days. And if we weren’t mentioning it online, we were talking about it in person. What else could it […] Read more

Messy, beautiful life

Over the past few weeks as Spring begins to take shape, I have been gradually cleaning up the debris of winter again. I’ve written many times about collecting the various objects the earth spits out after a winter of freezing and the shifts of thawing, objects left behind in the past by acts of carelessness, […] Read more

Picking up Sticks

The calendar says it’s Spring these days, even though the weather apparently hasn’t heard the news. And though I had to put a coat on to do so, I finally made it outside to start picking up sticks in my yard. As a child, picking up sticks was one of my least favorite chores. I […] Read more