Doing Well

Last Monday’s surgery went really well. The doctor found exactly what he expected: observable cancer in only the one lymph node. As a precaution, he removed the nodes on either side of the malignant one, and will send all three, along with abdominal fluid, to the pathology lab to make sure everything is as it […] Read more

Surgery Tomorrow

This past week has been one of preparation. At home, at work, in relationships, with family, I have been preparing to be out of commission for a brief time following tomorrow’s surgery. Today was a culmination of that preparation as I worked to get the last minute details taken care of. The yard has been […] Read more

A Little More News

Yesterday, I met with the oncologist who will be performing my surgery on June 30. I learned that he will be making as small of an incision as possible, from his hand signals probably 4-6 inches, and part of that will be over my scar from last fall. Hopefully the recovery from this surgery will […] Read more

The Plan

I received the results back from my PET scan today, and though it did confirm that the one enlarged lymph node is cancer, thankfully, it also confirmed that the cancer has not spread any further. There is one other suspicious lymph node, but it was not enlarged and not definitively malignant. At this point, the […] Read more