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Dating as a Cancer Survivor

I recently wrote a heartfelt essay about living alone and the merits, both personally and culturally, of singleness and the space it provides. That article was published on a Friday at I responded to comments that day, interacted with friends who read the article, and continued to think about the very full life I […] Read more

Week 2, Day 2: Now What?

At holiday parties over the weekend, I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Even as we were catching up, talking about work and family and church activities, I knew the dreaded question would come. It’s always well-meaning, and it always makes me feel cared for. But my answer never satisfies anyone. Including […] Read more

All Grown Up

She didn’t know much about the world back then, the 10-year-old girl whose parents had split and whose world had turned upside down. It was 1981, and the fear of Iranians and oil shortages was still palpable. But the bigger fear was a family dividing. A couple of years before, Rhonda, on the playground, had […] Read more