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Something to Share

When I was growing up in rural Indiana, a trip to the grocery store or to my grandparents house nearly always included a rehearsal of the history of our area. Heading from our house in any direction inevitably meant passing numerous friends’ homes, sites of teenage antics by one parent or the other, graves of […] Read more


In The Contented Soul, Lisa Graham McMinn tells the story of entering graduate school as a mother of three young children and deciding to identify herself by buying a certain brand of shoes. “The prior decade I had been in maternity clothes or the casual clothes of a mother orchestrating the lives of three young […] Read more

The Bus

A few weeks ago, in our discussion of chapter three of Al Hsu’s The Suburban Christian, we discussed transportation as a suburban idol. Even the thought of giving up my car for a week (one of the challenges in the book), almost sent me into a panic attack. But it did start me thinking . […] Read more

Created to Consume?

In the disconnected worlds of suburban living, we often assume different identities based on which end of our commute we happen to be on. At work, we are employee or boss. At home, we are mom or dad. We interact as friend or activist in public places, and at church, we become the congregrate. But […] Read more

Car Talk

A couple of days ago, a coworker came back from lunch in an uproar. “Do you know how much gas is now?” she asked, referring to the skyrocketing prices. “$3.45?” I said, highballing it for effect. “Oh, I guess you’ve seen.” “No, really,” I protested. “I just guessed. How much is it really?” “$3.38,” she […] Read more

Me Casa, Me Casa

In chapter two of The Suburban Christian, Al Hsu discusses home ownership as both a surburban ideal and the perpetuater of individualism. In other words, people who move to the suburbs are looking for a place of their own where they can do their own thing. It’s the American Dream, really. “In this notion of […] Read more

et cetera

I just wanted to pass along links to the final two Daily Journals over on Barclay Press (Day 9 and Day 10). It was really a lot of fun to post over there the past couple of weeks. It was also great to be part of The High Calling’s Blog Tour. (Thanks, Marcus, for inviting […] Read more


LL (over at Seedlings in Stone) and I have decided to real Al Hsu’s The Suburban Christian together, and discuss it on our respective blogs. She has posted her initial thoughts in “Subfused.” These are a few of my thoughts about the intro and chapter 1. The book starts out with some broad definitions of […] Read more