The Writing Life

My Word of the Week: Mastery

mas·tery – noun \ˈmas-t(ə-)rē\ : knowledge and skill that allows you to do, use, or understand something very well : complete control of something __________ I rearrange the items on my magnetic memo board to make room for three new pieces of paper, each a calendar with the next 12 months printed on it, along with my […] Read more

My Word of the Week: Preapproved

pre·ap·proved – verb \ˈprē-ə-ˈprüvəd\ : to believe that something or someone is good or acceptable in advance : to officially accept (an idea, action, plan, etc.) beforehand __________ I am a word-girl, so things like book releases often translate to major life events for me. I’ve pre-ordered my fair share of books on Amazon; I’ve stood in […] Read more

Wide Open Spaces

Today, I received a notice from the managers of my apartment complex, along with all the other residents, that informed me that the actual outdoor space over which I have dominion is much smaller than I imagined. I have lived here for about 14 months, and last Spring and Summer, I enjoyed doing some gardening […] Read more

Many words . . .

Well, today I have published my first website. It’s one of the relatively few things I have published as a writer; I’m not sure I want to do many other publishing projects myself! It’s really interesting to think about all the words (characters and symbols loaded with meaning) that are floating in cyberspace. Not really […] Read more