To See and Be Seen

I heard the crying before I even realized Tilly was missing from her slobbery green dog bed behind me. The whimpering from somewhere in the house caused me to turn around, discover her absence, and wake to the reality of what surely must be happening. Again. Calling her name, I started walking around the house […] Read more

Happily Constrained

Sometimes, I’m not sure I’ll ever have all of the constraints in place to live the disciplined, focused life I desire. Just two nights ago, my husband and I (ok, it was me) decided to watch just one more episode of Downton Abbey from the three-season boxed set I got for Christmas, which meant we […] Read more

Warning: Tilly is Not Normal

Today, welcome my step-son, Jacob, who is doing a guest post for me. This was a homework assignment which seemed like it needed a wider audience. Enjoy! by Jacob Craig Ok, you remember my dog, Tilly. Well, if you haven’t, keep reading. Tilly can have very weird hobbies, like eating plants, barking, being annoying, and […] Read more

One Little Change

I should have done it months ago – buy one of those round-the-body harnesses for Tilly. But each time I would walk her and it would be pure torture, I thought, she just needs more practice, more training. I have long since stopped walking her with a regular neck collar. She pulled so hard that […] Read more

Water Cycles

  I used to like to take showers. When I would wake up in the morning, the water would tap me alive again. When I would finish a run, the water would massage my tired muscles. When I would come in from the garden, the water just washed and rinsed and carried away the dirt […] Read more