trusting God

Let the Good Times Roll

Recently, I woke up in the middle of the night, slightly panicked. I couldn’t remember if I had been dreaming, and there wasn’t any thunder rolling outside. I checked my cell phone. No texts or missed calls. Yet a sense of dread hung heavy over me. I fluffed the pillow, and as I turned over […] Read more

Leaning In

On Sunday, I had two women from church over to my house for a meeting, and since I didn’t know if they were dog people, Precious was confined to the laundry room.  She barked and whined when I latched the gate; she hates to be alone, especially if she knows I am nearby. But she’s […] Read more

A Little More News

Yesterday, I met with the oncologist who will be performing my surgery on June 30. I learned that he will be making as small of an incision as possible, from his hand signals probably 4-6 inches, and part of that will be over my scar from last fall. Hopefully the recovery from this surgery will […] Read more

The Plan

I received the results back from my PET scan today, and though it did confirm that the one enlarged lymph node is cancer, thankfully, it also confirmed that the cancer has not spread any further. There is one other suspicious lymph node, but it was not enlarged and not definitively malignant. At this point, the […] Read more