When I was younger, I loved to sing in public. I think it began during those early days of school programs and vacation Bible school closing ceremonies, when all the children would parade up to the stage and sing group songs. I loved to be in the front row, and my parents never had to […] Read more

In a jam

Ruining a double batch of jam didn’t keep me from sharing it with friends. When one particular friend and her two sons (ages 3 and 5 at the time) were bragging on it, I took the opportunity to pass along my new-found wisdom about recipe-doubling. I ended the whole store with a dramatic pause, then […] Read more

Quick Update

The ultrasound on my leg came back negative for a blood clot — thanks be to God. And by propping it up a little while I sleep at night, I have gotten some relief from the pain. Thanks to all for praying about this with me. I am so thankful to have been able to […] Read more


Just wanted to let those of you who may be interested know that I have moved my blog devoted specifically to writing over to Blogger. I think this will make it easier for me to keep it current, and easier for any of you to view and comment in it. It is www.charityonwords.blogspot.com. Blogger doesn’t […] Read more