Walk with Him Wednesday

No Limits; No Good

Without thinking too much about it, I press my finger against the glass face of my iPhone and hold it. Eventually, as I expected, the icons on my screen begin to dance and wiggle. I touch the X on the corner of three apps, and just like that, Angry Birds and the two Bubble games […] Read more

Empty {a verb}

Full cabinets, full closets, full schedule, full belly. Even a head full of thoughts and worries. If ever there was a word that characterized the past year, it would be “full.” Full, but not satisfied. Only in the quietness of this week — it began during last Sunday morning’s worship service, in fact — has […] Read more

Preparing to See

Two years ago, a friend invited me to go bird watching in northern Indiana. I’m not really much of a “birder,” but I do really like my friend, and I decided that at the very least, we would be able to spend the day together. She certainly must have told me the name of the […] Read more

God’s Voice on the Shore

Years ago during one of my college summers, I spent three months on the Atlantic Coast in Ogunquit, Maine. It was my first experience being so far away from home, and that, along with some interpersonal conflict and some money worries, made it a very difficult summer. I was lonely and heart broken and in […] Read more

Just Lay There and Rest

When I was a little girl, bed time always seemed to come around too early. I never felt tired, when dressed in night gown, still warm from the bath, I would climb into bed, waiting for my mom to tuck me in. “But I’m not tired,” I remember telling her, most nights. “That’s ok. Just […] Read more

He Said "Yes" to Me

Please, Father, help me publish this book? Please, will You send me a husband? Heal him, Father. Please? Lord, will You keep me from sinning? Will You restore their marriage? Will You reconcile this church? Will You sell this house? Will You make Your presence known in this pain?  Often, when I’ve prayed over the […] Read more