Wendell Berry

Eating Responsibly

Saturday, as I was enjoying the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market with friends, I wasn’t just shopping, though I did make a few purchases. And I wasn’t just consuming, though I did enjoy a freshly made crepe with bananas and nutella. While I was at the farmers’ market on Saturday, I was being liberated from the […] Read more

The Right Place

While Ann and I were on our road trip to see and hear Wendell Berry, we were just outside of the Bloomington area when dusk settled over us and it got downright dark. I confessed to Ann right there in the car about how I’m afraid of driving after dark in the fall during deer […] Read more

Stopping Somewhere

For years, I have returned over and over again to the fictional town of Port William, Kentucky, the setting for many of Wendell Berry‘s novels and short stories. I have gotten to know the people and landscape through his vivid descriptions, and at times, I could swear I’ve been there. But I’ve never felt more […] Read more

Created to Consume?

In the disconnected worlds of suburban living, we often assume different identities based on which end of our commute we happen to be on. At work, we are employee or boss. At home, we are mom or dad. We interact as friend or activist in public places, and at church, we become the congregrate. But […] Read more