It’s amazing how in four weeks, the eight-inch incision on my abdomen has gone from gaping and oozing to healing and growing. The swollen, scabby wound is now a soft purple scar winding neatly down from my belly button. When I look at it, I am perplexed that the skin woven tightly together there, […] Read more


  Wednesday, the doctor removed the staples from my surgical wound.  From the minute my bandage was removed and I saw those metal fasteners crossing from one side of the incision to the other, 25 of them, or so, lined up meticulously down the center of my belly, I dreaded having them removed.  “It won’t […] Read more

Wounded Hand

The goal: a lawn free of dandelions. The tools: a trowel and bucket. The schedule: a little each day. This has been my anti-dandelion plan over the past several days. And today, if you drove past my house and peeked into my yard, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single dandelion. But even as I […] Read more