wrestling with God

Being Specific

“I’m having trouble adjusting,” I sobbed into my husband’s shoulder. He had grabbed me into a firm embrace when his simple, “everything alright?” brought tears to my eyes. For the past four and half months, my husband and I have been getting to know each other in ways that only happen when you share the […] Read more

A Renewed Mind

A week ago today, I was sitting at work performing a rather mundane task when thoughts of the end of my life and the possibility of great suffering overwhelmed me. My eyes filled with tears, and in order to avoid making a scene, I ran to a friend’s office, shut the door, and broke down […] Read more

Hard Times

Just when the words started to come so did the hard times. I’ve spent most of the past two weeks in the hospital experiencing a lot of pain, undergoing an unexpected surgery, and leaving with a frightening diagnosis. I have cancer. What began as some discomfort in my abdoment turned out to be stage four […] Read more


Recently, I’ve been wrestling with the Lord over some big issues in my life. As a victim of fraud and deceit, I’ve been wondering what justice looks like this side of heaven. With so many wars and genocide in the world, and with so much anger and hatred in my very own neighborhood, I’ve been […] Read more